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1. FC Bulldogs
2. FC Soccer
3. Kapino
4. Reda
5. Bolszewo
6. Orle
7. Gowino
8. Nanice
9. Pieleszewo
10. Ustarbowo

Alexandra started with triathlon in 2007, at the age of 20, while studying at university. A shoulder injury prevented her from participating for two years. She has been a professional athlete since 2014 and is aiming to reach the top 15 in the European Championships and the top 30 in the World Championships Ironman 70.3. She also aspires to achieve a top-30 ranking in the world Ironman Pro. “My greatest asset? I never give up,” says Alexandra.

“After a few seasons of only focusing on the Ironman 70.3, I am now concentrating more on full distance competitions. My most important objective is to achieve as many points as possible in the world ranking (KPR) to be able to participate in the World Championships in Hawaii.”


Date of birth: 20th of March 1987

My story

  • 2007: passionate by long endurance sports, I started with triathlon during my second year at university.
  • 2008: First great success at the Triathlon of Gerardmer on Olympic distance.
  • 2010: Professional year on the circuit ITU.
  • 2011-2012: The standstill of the triathlon because of a shoulder injury, I’m starting in the Duathlon and cycling.
  • 2013: Pick-up of Triathlon.
  • 2014: The beginning of a long distance (LD / 70.3) and professional year on the circuit IRONMAN.
  • 2015: The second year on the circuit IRONMAN.

My goals

  • TOP 30 Global Ranking IRONMAN PRO


  • 27th –> Ironman World Championship Hawaii –> 14th of October
  • 4th –> Ironman 70.3 Lanzarote –> 2nd of September
  • 3rd –> Ironman Frankfurt –> 9th of July
  • 1st –> Ironman 70.3 Luxembourg –> 18th of June
  • 7th –> Ironman South-Africa –> April 2nd
  • 4th –> Club La Santa Volcano 1/4 Triathlon –> April 29th


Become the first Belgian woman in top 10 in Hawaii.

Work as hard and as smart as possible to become as fast as I could!

Calendar 2017